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  • Want to Join our Sailing Kayak Tour or to add the Sails to your kayak while joining on our Kayak Morning Tour
  • It’s Required in order to participate in a tour that includes the kayak sailing equipment, to have a more detailed kayak lesson prior to our tour day, since it’s added the air element and more kayaking equipment controls.
  • Our Kayak Lesson covers the sail controls, basic kayaking and sailing and re-entry the kayak in case of an exit. Lessons are scheduled in private sessions.
  • The kayak sailing lesson is included in the price of the Kayak Sailing Tour and Kayak Morning Tour.
  • After you Join one Tour that includes in price our kayaking lesson, we will send you a coupon in order to book your lesson with no charge.
  • If you wish to attend our lesson and after booking one of our tours, if the cost of our lesson is included, it will be extracted from the final tours cost.
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