General info

Minimum age on each Kayak Tour

Minimum age in order to participate in our Tours is 18 years old for our Kayak Sailing Tour, 16* years old for our Kayak Morning and Sunset Tour (*Parent or legal guardian must participate on this tour as well) and 7* years old for our Kids friendly Tour (each kid will be placed in a double kayak with one of his parents)

Sea kayak tours execution & weather

Sea kayak tours execution, as a sea activity, depends on weather conditions. Sometimes, the weather forecast is clear about the predictions of the following days and sometimes it’s a last second call!

Cancellations due to bad weather

We will be in contact informing you about the possibility of a cancellation of your tour due to bad weather and if so, discuss the reschedule options or make a full refund.

Additional information after joining a Tour

After your reservation, we will send to you (by email) a form for you to complete with additional information we will need regarding all the participants of your reservation.

Starting point and more details about the tour

After your reservation is completed, we will send you all the information you will need about starting point, time and other details.


Since Sit-in kayaks are equipment with specific standards, the participants in the tours should also meet certain conditions regarding their height, weight and physical condition. Our aim above all is for the participants to enjoy the kayak tours and get as little tired as possible!

What you should bring with you
swim suit

Swimming suite



A pair of sea slippers



Dry clothes

Beach towel

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the starting points of each Kayak Tour?

  • Our Main meeting points for our Kissamos Bay Tours are in the Coast line of Kissamos Area. 
  • For our Kissamos Bay Morning Tour and Sunset Tour our meeting point is at Mythimna Beach (Ippocampos restaurant). Google Maps Directions for our Morning and Sunset Tour press Here
  • For our Sailing Kayak Tour, the meeting point depends on the wind direction on the day of our Tour. So, we will inform you about the exact meeting point, after your reservation and close to our Kayak Sailing Day! In any case, our meeting point will be about 15 minutes by car from Kissamos Town.
  • For our Kids friendly Kayak Tour, our meeting point is at Gallini Beach Hotel, in Kissamos Town. Google Maps Directions for our Kids friendly Kayak Tour press Here
  • For our Falasarna Tour, our meeting point is at the small port of Falasarna. Google Maps Directions for our Kids friendly Kayak Tour press Here

Where is the location and Kayaking route of each tour?

You can see the location and check the kayaking routes of each tour by clicking on each link:

Is sea kayaking dangerous?

  • Sea is always an element that needs to be respected and be careful with. Our tours will take place mainly in a protected bay, in good weather conditions, with no wind or waves, or with very small wind and wave level. Weather predictions are always our tool for a safe and enjoyable kayak experience.
  • But in the rarest case of a sudden change of weather conditions that was out of forecast, many sea shores are available during our tour, so if weather becomes challenging, we will head to the nearest beach and free transport will be arranged from there to Kissamos town.

What’s the difficulty level of each Kayak Tour?

  • Our Kayak Morning Tour and Sunset Tour difficulty level is fairly easy. The paddling time will be around 2,5 hours with a stop for rest.
  • Our Kayak Sailing Tour, difficulty level is medium. Paddling time is very small because our Kayak Sails will give us most of the propulsion but since this tour takes place only when air is efficient to allow us to sail with our kayak, there will also be a small to medium level of waves during our Tour. So, we will have to keep a good balance and control of our kayak during the Tour and this requires a decent fitness level.
  • Our Kids friendly Tour, paddling distance is shorter and it is scheduled only when weather conditions are good, so it’s an easy tour to Join.
  • Our Falasarna Kayak Tour takes place in a more open sea and it's not uncommon in falasarna a sudden change of weather, so it's a medium difficulty tour and its more oriented for experienced kayakers.

Can we just rent a kayak and equipment from you?

No. As a tourism agency, we can only provide tours with guidance. If you want to rent a kayak, there is a Seaports rental company in Mavros Molos beach from where you can rent a sit on top kayak for a short-range paddle.