General info

Minimum age in order to participate in our Tours is 18 years old.

(*for our two smaller tours, its possible to participate from 16 years old. Parent or legal guardian must participate on this tour as well.)

Sea kayak tours execution, as a sea sport activity, depends on weather conditions. Sometimes, the weather forecast is clear about the predictions of the following days and sometimes it’s a last second call!

We will be in contact informing you about the possibility of an execution or cancellation of your tour and discuss the reschedule options depending on your program. Our first priority is safety. Weather prediction is a provided tool on our website and we will be in contact with you with details and weather forecast regarding your tour!

After your reservation, we will send to you (by e-mail) a form for you to complete with additional information we will need regarding all the participants of your reservation.

We will send you also (by e-mail) all the information you will need about starting point, time, what you must bring with you ect..  We will be in contact for any changes due to weather conditions on the day of your tour.


Since Sit-in kayaks are equipment with specific standards, the participants in the tours should also meet certain conditions regarding their height, weight and physical condition. Our aim above all is for the participants to enjoy the kayak tours and get as little tired as possible!

What you should bring with you
swim suit

Swimming suite



A pair of sea shoes



Dry clothes

Beach towel

Frequently Asked Questions

How we get to the meeting point?

Our Main meeting points for all our Tours are in the  coast line of Kissamos area. Instructions and details will be provided to you after your reservation. You can come by your car or if you don't have a car, we can arrange your transport. If the kayaking area will change due to weather conditions, we will inform you some days before and discus the transport options.

The transport to and from our meeting points is not a provided free service, but can be arranged from us in case you will need it, with an additional extra charge. (If you will need a transport, please let us know, so we can arrange it and inform you in advance about the extra cost)

What we must bring with us?

You need to bring with you:

  • A comfortable swimming suit
  • A hat
  • A beach towel
  • A set of dry clothes
  • Your sunscreen
  • A pair of sunglasses*
  • A pair of beach shoes**

(*Not necessary, but useful for the sun protection of your eyes)

(**Necessary only in our Expedition Tour)

Is sea kayak dangerous?

Sea is always an element that needs to be respected and be careful with. Our tours will take place mainly in a protected bay, in good weather conditions, with no wind or waves, or with very small wind and wave level. Weather predictions are always our tool for a safe and enjoyable kayak experience.

But in the rarest case of a sudden change of weather conditions that was out of forecast predictions, many sea shores are available during our tour, so if weather becomes challenging, we will head in the nearest beach and free transport will be arranged from there to Kissamos town. 

What’s the difficulty level of each Kayak Tour?

For our shorter tours (morning tour and sunset tour) the difficulty level is fairly easy. The paddling time will be around 2,5 hours and for someone with a basic fitness level, it’s a piece of cake!

For our bigger expedition tour, the paddling time is around 5 hours with stops for rest and snacks in between. It’s a medium level tour but all the effort is rewarded by the experience! Also Kayak Sails can make the effort a bit easier if the wind is willing to assist us at the day of our tour! It requires a fitness level of basic+ and it’s a true expedition for the seekers of a small adventure.

We have chosen the best fitted equipment so paddling is as easy as it can get! Of course, this activity is more orientated for more active people. It’s required, as mentioned previously, for the participants to have a minimum basic fitness level in order to join us!

Due to this body afford in order to explore the sea, paddling gives a nice workout and adds so much to the total experience. As we say, if you think you will like it, you will love it!!!

Can we just rent a kayak and equipment from you?

No. As a tourism agency, we can only provide tours with guidance. If you want to rent a kayak, there is a Seaports rental company in Mavros Molos beach from where you can rent a sit on top kayak for a short-range paddle.