Kayaks Tours routine

Here you can see snapshots of the preparations timeline in order to start our Kayak tour! We get to know the equipment, have a briefing on our tour and instructions about paddling and safety guidelines!  

Getting equipped

After we meet at the starting point, we get equipped with our kayaking buoyancy aid, sun protection shirt, spray deck, hat and sunscreen.

Kayaking instructions

We have detailed instructions on how to paddle and be more efficient and comfortable in our kayak and how to control our kayak 

Safety instructions

We complete our instructions with some safety guidelines on how to re-enter a kayak in case of a capsize and safety distances between the group

Get in our Kayaks

Get in our kayaks and make adjustments (seat, rudder pedals) according to height of each member. 

Practice paddling

We will spend some short time close to shore, have a good feeling of our kayak, get comfortable and let our body get familiar with the sea movement.

Off we go!

We are all set and start our small kayaking adventure, paddling our Tours route! 

Some interesting Sights of our Tours

Shipwrech Mannasa Rose

We will take a close look and paddle through the Shipwreck of Kissamos Gulf and also learn the story.
Tours: All kissamos Bay Tours

Private beach "skotini"

Paddle to a small beach, accessible only by sea, with crystal clear waters. Its our stop for rest, swim and snorkel
Tours: Morning & Sunset Tour

Metal mine ruins

Reach and view from close the very old Raudoucha metal mine ruins and some details about their creation and history  Tours: Morning & Sunset Tour

Ravdoucha cave

Reach and enter, if the weather allows us, the big sea cave of Ravdoucha  Tours: Morning & Sunset Tour

Choni Rocky formations

Paddle through the Choni coastline with its rocky formations
Tours: Morning & Sunset Tour

Drapanias wild nature

Paddle through Drapanias small gulfs and wild beaches 
Tours: Morning & Sunset Tour

Snapshots from the experience

Sea kayak tours in Kissamos offer a truly unforgettable and immersive experience for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.

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