What we will do during the Sea Kayak Tour

Get to know each other

learn about each other, its important to become a team in order to enjoy Kayaking.

Get instractions and learn how to kayak

Get in touch with the sit-in expedition kayaks and the equipment.

Paddle across the coast line of Kissamos

Discover the beautiful coast of Kissamos town.

Visit the shipwreck

Visit the shipwreck "Manassa Rose" that is in middle of Kissamos bay.

Discover hidden beach!

Visit distance beach that is not possible to visit by car or by foot, accessible only from the sea. 

Visit metal mine ruins

See from close the old Raudoucha metal mine ruins and learn the story! 

Explore the underwater life!

We provide you equipment with which you can explore the sea and all its beautiful underwater life!          (Expedition Tour)

Enjoy the Sea Kayak Tour!

Paddle through Kissamos coast line, connect with nature and the sea in a unique way and have lots of fun!

Learn how to sail in a kayak!

If the wind is efficient, we will learn the basics about kayak sailing and try to cover some distance easier and more fun! 

Kayaks Tours routine

Here you can see snapshots of the preparations timeline in order to start our Kayak tour! We get to know the equipment, have a briefing on our tour and instructions about paddling and safety guidelines!  

09.00 am

Meeting point

Meet at the meeting point, all details will be sent to you by e-mail after completing the reservation. (Meeting time for our Sunset Tour is 17.00) 

Small briefing

Get to know each other, have a detailed briefing about safety guidelines.

Equipment fitting

Start the process of fitting the personal kayaking equipment provided for the needs of each Tour.

Choose the kayaks

Choose the kayaks that each member will be paddling in (taking into consideration the fitness level of each member, the height and personal preference of course and make adjustments (seat, rudder pedals) according to height of each member.

Practice paddling

We will spend some short time on the beach get to know the equipment, have a lesson about how to paddle more efficiently, and what to do in the rare case of a capsize of the kayak.

We are ready to start our expedition!

We are all set and start paddling to our first sea-sight destination and fun begins!

Sea Kayak Tour

Snapshots from the experience

Sea kayak tours in Kissamos offer a truly unforgettable and immersive experience for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.

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Discover the most amazing sea kayaking experience in Crete!