Participants' requirements & Fitness level

Max. Weight & Height

Min. Age

Fitness level

In order to be able fit in the kayak and paddle easily you need to have a certain body weight limit.

Maximum weight limit of a kayaker: 120 kg (max weight according to at least 1,80m height).

Combined weight in a double kayak of paddlers: maximum 170 kg.

Max height of a paddler: 1,95m.

In general, just below your waist if you have a round measurement of under 1,15m, it’s fine.


Minimum age of participants must be over 18 years old. 

*To our short tours, minimum age is 16 years old, but parent or legal guardian must participate on this tour also.

Fitness level is an important factor in order to enjoy the kayak tour.

Fitness level must be at least basic for our 2 smaller tours. By this, we mean that you must be able to climb on your kayak in case of a capsize. It’s a fairly easy thing to do for someone with a normal body weight. For people that they are a bit overweight, it is a bit more difficult for us to assist, so they must have stronger hands in order to be able to climb on the kayak.

For our longer kayak expedition tour, it required a fitness level of Basic+. It’s a bit more challenging tour because of the duration, so the participants of this tour must be a bit more athletic with good stamina. 


Prohibitive factors that make your participation in our kayak tour impossible:


You don't know how to swim

Of course, knowing how to swim is the main characteristic we require. With kayaks we will be paddling in as small distance from the shore, and also PFDs will be always on, but its important someone to be comfortable in water in case of a capsize. So, know how to swim and be comfortable in water is a must.


Health problems

Health problems as heart problems, or similar major health problems are a prohibitive factor due to the nature of this tour and the time needed for an emergency transfer.


Injuries or physical pains

Back problems, shoulder or hand recent injuries are also a prohibitive factor, since main propulsion is provided with physical force through the upper body.


Alcohol consumption or unprotected sun exposure prior to kayak tour

Any alcohol consumed or a major unprotected sun exposure (sun sick risk) in days before the tour is a prohibitive factor.